Judith Ann Mogan Foundation Welcomes Payton Smith as Newest Board Member

The Judith Ann Mogan Foundation (JAMF) is happy to announce the addition of Payton Smith as the newest member of the JAMF board.  “On behalf of the Judith Ann Mogan Foundation,” board president Joe McKeown shared, “I am delighted to welcome Payton Smith to the board of directors of the Foundation.  With her education, deep ties to the community, and her business experience, Payton will be an important and valuable addition to the board.”

Born and raised in Coos Bay by a family steeped in the culture, challenges, and energies of the Oregon Coast’s timber industry, Payton is a very good fit for a foundation that owes its beginnings to the West Coast’s Al Peirce Lumber Company. She grew up working odd jobs at the family sawmill and, while studying at the University of Oregon, worked as an intern for Roseburg Forest Products, then worked with them full-time after graduating college.  Payton is now the Director of Communications and Government Affairs for the family company, Southport Lumber, based in North Bend.  She also serves as a member of the board of the Boys & Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon. “I love the opportunity to give back to this amazing community of ours,” said Payton, when invited to join the foundation board.

As the seventh member of the JAMF Board of Directors, Payton joins a group invested in and committed to the growth and development of Southern Oregon Coast communities located in Coos, Curry, and Coastal Douglas Counties.  Headed by Al Peirce Company CEO Joseph McKeown as board president, other members of the board of directors include former circuit court judge Rick Barron, Eastside School principal Kara Davidson, recently retired co-founder and partner of HMW CPAs & Associates Shirley MacAdam, Coos County Commissioner John Sweet, and retired law and investment expert William Trout.

Now in its fourth year of grantmaking, the Judith Ann Mogan Foundation has already distributed more than $4.2 million to projects that benefit its service areas.  The Foundation was established in 2020 through the generosity of Judith Ann Mogan and the Al Peirce Co., LLC.  JAMF is a private foundation based in Coos Bay, Oregon.  Its mission is to develop successful citizens and vital communities on the Southern Oregon Coast.

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