Welcome to the Judith Ann Mogan Foundation (JAMF)
online Grants Application Portal

JAMF awards grants under the direction of the Board of Directors. There are two phases to our grants process: the Letter of Inquiry (LOI) phase, and the Grant Application (GA) phase.

The LOI is a mini application that gives JAMF an initial look at your organization and project proposal. At this stage, JAMF will check eligibility of organization and project, and evaluate if there is a potential match of priorities and goals. Note that the LOI is a form you can fill out. Many applicants find this form to be more helpful than submitting an actual letter, especially since applicants who are invited to move on to the more rigorous application stage do not need to input information that has already been entered in the LOI.

Please check our 2023 Funding Guidelines HERE and our Grant Funding Priority Areas HERE before you start the application process. If you deem that your organization meets the eligibility requirements and your project supports our current priority and service areas, CLICK THIS LINK to fill out the LOI form.

Note that submission of an LOI or Grant Application does not guarantee approval of grant request.