2024 Grant Funding Guidelines

The Judith Ann Mogan Foundation (JAMF) awards grants to qualified organizations in Oregon with programs and projects that benefit communities in the following Service Areas:

  • Coastal Douglas County
  • Coos County
  • Curry County

Below are the organizational requirements and priority areas that guide our funding.  These do not represent a complete picture of our requirements and processes.  If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 541-267-4113 or submit an inquiry to office@jamoganfoundation.org.

For the 2024 Grant Cycle, JAMF is offering two (2) grant programs:  a Small Grant Program (Request of $25,000 or less) and a Large Grant Program (Request of more than $25,000).  Both grant programs have many questions in common and similar requirements.  For the Large Grant Program, the applicant will go through a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) stage (the LOI is a form the applicant needs to fill out on the online portal) with its own evaluation process, before possibly being invited to proceed to the Grant Application stage.  Large grant awards are usually disbursed in October or November of the grant cycle year.  The Small Grant Program omits the LOI stage and awards are usually disbursed in July or August of the grant cycle year.  A guide to our 2024 Grant Cycle Timeline is found HERE.

To access the online request forms:  After logging on to the online portal, applicants will click APPLY and you will see available grant opportunities.  If you wish to view the form without starting a grant request, click PREVIEW.  Click APPLY for a grant opportunity once you are ready to start a request.

We accept not more than two (2) grant applications from an organization.  An organization may submit to either or both grant programs, but awards are not guaranteed and if awarded, may be less than requested.

Previous years’ grant recipients with ongoing JAMF awarded projects, may go through the 2024 application process.  However, to be considered in the 2024 selection, you must submit progress reports by September 13, 2024 on the status of project(s) previously funded.