2022 Grant Cycle Priority Areas

The Judith Ann Mogan Foundation is focused on supporting and partnering with nonprofits and publicly funded organizations and projects that work towards creating vital communities and successful citizens in the Coos, Curry, and Coastal Douglas Counties. For the 2022 Grant Cycle, eight (8) priority areas were identified (in no particular order):
Activities that support the arts and culture aspect of a community. Possible projects would include: community and school-based music/arts programs, cultural exchange experiences, and visiting artist’s sponsorship.
Projects that encourage business diversification and sustainability opportunities, improve and enhance local business operations, and support programs including quality senior and child care that will allow families to participate in the workforce.
Programs organized for both in- and out-of-school youth such as: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education; early learning classes, quality childcare, sports programs, and overall literacy improvement.
Projects that strengthen various venues and opportunities for the community to socialize, such as: park development or maintenance, recreational facilities, and museum or education facilities such as libraries.
Projects that advance community health initiatives, attract medical professionals, promote healthy lifestyles, increase medical services on the South Coast, conduct medical related research, and encourage citizens to obtain their best health regardless of socioeconomic status.
Programs that build up forestry and wood products industries including wood products development and community awareness/education.
Projects that support proper management and sustainability of the Oregon Coast’s environment and natural resources such as: natural resource management and community based environmental programs.
Programs that provide a variety of assistance to people in the community who are most in need, such as: initiatives that work towards meeting basic needs including housing, food, healthcare, transportation, and clothing.